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Nicki Minaj can be called one of the most beautiful American girls. She is the most successful rap
performer of our days, the main freak from the world of music, and just a hot girl. She is known for her
magnificent forms, eccentric outfits, and the ability to create vivid images. This woman associates with
multi-colored wigs, insane outfits and amazing hips, capable of driving Jennifer Lopez into depression.
Over the past two years, this indefatigable reformer from the island of Jamaica has managed to turn from
a desperate “wannabe” into one of the most powerful celebrities. As one of the most popular performers
of recent years, she managed to work with many famous divas. She is the first singer in the history of
music, whose 7 compositions simultaneously gained first place in different music charts.
The creativity of Nicki puts her on a par with the recognized stars of the world scene – Madonna, Alisha
Keys, and many others. Her second single “Anaconda” became a hit in the US in August 2014, reaching
number 2 in the national chart, and the provocative eponymous clip that later released, exploded the
Internet, causing a huge number of discussions and lots of video parodies. It is important to say that she
had no less provocative clip, shot earlier on her promo-single “Stupid Hoe”, was banned on television in
87 countries.
One of the most commercially successful tracks for the entire career of Nikki was the composition “Super
Bass”. A few weeks after the release, the song confidently broke into the top 10 “Billboard Hot 100” and
didn’t leave it for a long time. A music video for this explosive hit was watched by a quarter of a billion
YouTube users. This is not achieved by any performer in the style of rap.
In summer of 2011, representatives of Nicki officially announced that the singer is working on the second
studio album, actively recording duets. At the same time, the duet of Nicki Minaj and the French DJ
David Guetta made one of the main hits of summer 2011 “Where Them Girls At?” In late 2011 and early
2012, on the network, one by one, began to appear songs from the forthcoming album of Nicki. And,
unfortunately, the most terrible fear of the majority of lovers of female-rap was justified: the singer wrote
several diss tracks at once. To Nicki’s surprise, all the songs fell through the charts one after another and
caused an extremely negative reaction among music critics. For example, as we mentioned above, the clip
for the track “Stupid Hoe” scored a record number of dislikes (about 500,000).
Her songs have summer motives, not burdened with meaning, but at the same time, not primitive texts.
This music is played on most of the discos every summer. The abundance of electronic music and the
notorious dubstep motives doesn’t spoil the overall impression. Despite the frivolity of most of the songs,
there is no awkwardness during listening.
Today Nicki Minaj is at the height of glory. Her singles are sold in millions of copies all around the
world. Celebrities are lining up for the joint recording of a track and the bank account of this beautiful
hard worker grows every minute. She managed to become the best among numerous more beautiful,
talented, and famous rivals, and this already deserves respect. The only thing that can now stand in her
way is herself. We hope that soon Nicki will begin a new life full of experiments, successes, and new
achievements. There is no place for negativity in life and one famous magazine has a list of the 20 best
songs of Nicki Minaj. The publication bases this rating on the success of the tracks on the Hot 100 chart.

1. Super Bass
2. Starships
3. Bang Bang
4. Side To Side
5. Bottoms Up
6. Turn Me On
7. Till The World Ends
8. Beauty And A Beat
9. Anaconda
10. Hey Mama
11. Girl On Fire
12. Dance (A $$)
13. Moment 4 Life
14. Only
15. My Chick Bad
16. Your Love
17. Make Me Proud
18. Truffle Butter
19. Love More

20. Down In The DM

So, Nicki is on the list of the top 30 richest rappers. Nicki Minaj’s fortune is currently estimated at over
50 million, which makes her one of the highest paid and influential rappers, and Nicki Minaj is the
highest-paid, influential, and sold rapper among female rappers for all time.

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