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Fans of Nicki Minaj started to look for the singer. They are disturbed by her silence on social networks.
The last tweet of the singer was made in 2017 and her last post on Instagram was made in winter. Nicki
also don’t attend any major music events of 2018, including the Grammy Awards. Her silence on social
networks caused anxiety among her loving fans, many of whom begged her to return. “Is she still with
us?” – wrote one of them, and another added, “We can’t wait anymore. Come back to us!” Some fans
reassure themselves and others that the singer just works hard on something. People say that something
special will happen very soon.
By the way, in a recent interview, Nicki says that the new album is amazing. Nicki said about her new
studio album, the title of which she had not yet revealed: “I think that this album will certainly be the
most impressive in my career.” She adds: “I don’t publish anything. I deleted all social networks from my
phone and, in fact, this is the most ingenious decision I’ve ever made.”
This woman continues to prove to the world that she is still one of the most important women in the hip-
hop industry. For eight consecutive years, the American singer has released hits that fall in the top 10 of
the world’s best song charts. So, the last single of Nicki Minaj “Chun-Li” took off in the top ten of
Billboard’s Hot 100 hit parade.
After the release of some tracks, Nicki Minaj took part in the final of the 19th season of the show
Saturday Night Live on May 19. She performed as a guest. The singer also made her debut with a new
song on the show. Thus, fans definitely can count on a new album of the star. Despite the fact that her
upcoming album still has no name or release date, Minaj confirmed that she already knows the dates of
her next world tour. First, she will go to the United States, and only then will visit the rest of the globe.

However, new details about the famous rapper emerged: Nicki is pregnant with her first child! This
information is confirmed not only by pictures of paparazzi in social networks but also by many American
publications that confirm that the famous singer is pregnant. The father of the child is supposedly a
musician Nas. In any case, the press hopes that the lovers will make a statement, confirming or refuting
this information. Moreover, at the moment, it is not known whether the parents of a future child are in a
relationship. The fact is that there are rumors that the couple supposedly broke up at all in January 2018.
Then people were already actively talking about the alleged pregnancy of the actress. However, the media
immediately split into those who talk about the pregnancy of Nicki and those who speak about her stay at
the drug rehabilitation center.
So, whom do you believe? While local media doesn’t manage to reach a common denominator, it remains
only to wait for officially confirmed news on the profile pages of Nicki.

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