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Most people know tanned Nicki as a secular lioness, model, and star of Instagram but, in fact, Minaj is
also a successful performer, whose clips are very popular. She turned the notion of a real female hip-hop.
Many celebrities envy her success and her juicy body can be watched endlessly. We will tell you why else
people love Nicki Minaj so much.

1. She has amazing hips
Nicki Minaj can be recognized from thousands. Appetizing forms of the singer can be seen by everyone.
Of course, she demonstrates her hips wherever it is possible: on stage, in clips, in everyday dresses, social
networks, etc. Nicki Minaj, in whose veins African and Indian blood flows, dances perfectly. What can
we add? It is better to watch. Also, most fans are sure that such dances are successfully given to the singer
thanks to her hips, which seem to be created for such movements. The singer herself denies plastic
surgery and claims that her hips, like other parts of the body, are real. But plastic surgeons concluded that
Minaj lies. In her hips, there are implants and even fillers.
2. She is without “brakes”
Nicki has always been a bad girl and we like it! Journalists are constantly catching the singer in
embarrassing situations: she had a scandal with Mariah Carey on the American Idol program, then
arranged a fight in the bar. Any teenager will envy Minaj for the rich history of scandalous adventures.
3. She is a rap singer
She is the first girl in the world to become popular not because of lyrical songs but for rap. She turned the
music industry and once again proved that women can do anything in this world!
4. She wears outrageous outfits
Naked breasts and high boots – all this we associate with the queen of hip-hop Nicki Minaj. Screaming
outfits are combined with a bright make-up and unimaginable hairstyles.
5. She believes in herself and her dream
Not everyone knew but the star was born in an ordinary American family. She began to work from 10
years to pay for a music school. Only faith in oneself and great perseverance helped to achieve such
6. She is flexible
We all know how Nicki Minaj is moving on stage and it’s just a bomb. Any girl will envy her flexibility,
but it is unnecessary to describe how she dances because Madonna herself took a master class.
7. She takes cool selfies
They say that Kim Kardashian herself is jealous of sexy selfies of Minaj in social networks. The star has
more than 79 million subscribers on Instagram and it is not for nothing.
8. She makes perfect make-up
Many make-up artists of the planet envy her neat black arrows! After all, just such an element in make-up
emphasizes the beauty of any girl.
9. She has a beautiful laugh
Her bombing laugh will make anyone smile. Perhaps that’s why friends as often as possible tell Nicki
anecdotes for not only to make the singer laugh but also to laugh themselves.I would like to get a guide to french kissing from her.
10. She makes amazing video clips
Nicki Minaj set a record on YouTube with a video for the song Anaconda. This clip can be watched
forever not only for the plot and musical talent of the star but at least for the succulent forms of the singer.

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