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Nicki Minaj is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary celebrities in modern show business. She is
known not only for its vocal data but also for a very effective body with special parameters. The principle
of nutrition of the singer is also considered somewhat unusual, although she keeps it in secret. Such a
figure can’t be called proportional or elegant. However, many women admire her and wouldn’t refuse to have such forms.
Minaj herself never tried to change her body to fit it to standard sizes. On the contrary, she always tries to
emphasize attractive parts with extravagant clothes. She also builds her food so that she doesn’t lose
weight but it. Some fans of the singer are sure that a beautiful pear-shaped figure is the result of genetics.
But nutritionists are sure that she “didn’t win the lottery”, but built her body herself. Well-chosen
workouts and a healthy diet are the reason that the singer always looks great.

Fundamentals of Nicki Minaj

Most of the time, the life of the celebrity takes place in hotel rooms. So, her diet consists of dishes of
restaurant cuisine, especially during a tour. She carefully monitors her diet and spends a lot of effort in
maintaining a good shape, regardless of location and conditions. The singer follows the principle of
healthy eating that excludes consumption:

  • fast food;
  • fatty food;
  • and sugar.

But the main secret is that the basis of the diet of Nicki is fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as dishes
from them. According to her, she developed a dependence on raw vegetables and fruits – the best type of
dependence that a person can have. There are no restrictions on the intake of such products. When she
needs to lose weight and bring the body back to normal, the famous rapper uses her “own” diet. During
this period, she refuses not only from harmful food and sweet but also from starch-containing vegetables
and fruits. Such as:

  • potato, sweet potato;
  • pumpkin, squash, radish;
  • beans;
  • cauliflower;
  • bananas and chestnuts.

The singer herself doesn’t like to talk about her diet or about training. She considers this topic very
personal. In her opinion, everyone should individually develop their own diet and weight loss system.
Nevertheless, there are several secrets that the celebrity decided to share by publishing the list of dishes
from her diet.

What does Nicki Minaj eat?

Her menu includes almost a standard set of products: the rap star starts her day with breakfast, which
consists of chopped carrots, paprika, celery, fruits and a mug of green tea. For lunch, she eats prunes (or
other fruits), a sandwich of two slices of grain bread with avocado, corn, tomatoes, and spinach.
The whole day he drinks a lot of natural juices and drinks.
Before dinner, he eats a few pieces of almonds and drinks two cups of skim milk.
In the evening, Nicki prefers food from vegetables and a green salad with lemon juice.
She combines healthy food with regular training. They are also special – the singer doesn’t do sports, but

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