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  1. Pink is the favorite color of Nicki Minaj. She often appeared in public in a pink wig and pink dresses. She
    also named a series of albums with the word Pink: Pink Friday, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and Pink
    Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up and The Pinkprint.
  2. Nicki has a turtle. She has been living with her mother for ten years. However, Nicki doesn’t remember
    how the turtle is called.
  3. When she was 17, she worked for Red Lobster.
  4. Her favorite candies are Kit-Kat and Twix.
  5. Her favorite TV shows are Judge Judy.
  6. Nicki never talked about her boyfriend. And she always said that she was free. In 2014, in the interview,
    Nicki finally confirmed that she had a man but his personality wasn’t disclosed. At the end of 2014, in
    one of the interviews, Nicki finally officially announced that she had been engaged to producer Safari
    Samuels for more than 10 years but she also said that the couple broke up in September 2014 after 11
    years of relationship. Now she has a new boyfriend.
  7.  Her favorite fast food restaurant is Popeye’s.
  8. She hates when people lie.
  9. Madonna kissed Nicki on her 29th birthday.
  10. The body of Nicki Minaj attracts a lot of attention to her. Moreover, she doesn’t hide her magnificent
    hips, but, on the contrary, does everything possible to emphasize them. In this regard, she is compared
    with Kim Kardashian – another woman with large hips. However, unlike Kardashian, Nicki sings
    beautifully and can surprise the public. Minaj often says that a bright image is good and unforgettable but
    there must be something more substantial under the shell.
  11. Minaj has a tattoo on her left arm. These are the Chinese characters 上帝 與 你 常 在, meaning the phrase
    “God is always with you”.
  12. Nicki has two brothers. She mentions them in “I’m the Best”.
  13. In her youth, Nicki learned to play softball.
  14. From December 2014, there were rumors that Nicki was in a relationship with rapper Mick Mill but she
    denied this information saying that they were good friends. In January 2015, Nicki and Mick showed joint
    photos, and from February, the couple began to appear in public and spend almost all the days together at
    various events, concerts, and clubs.
  15. At school, Nicki played the clarinet for three years.
  16. The first rap song was written by the artist at the age of twelve.
  17. On July 3, 2011, her 27-year-old cousin Nicholas was killed. She dedicated to him the lines in the song
    Champion – “They killed my cousin Nicholas, but I keep only a bright memory of him.”
  18. In her youth, Nicki thought she would become an actress. At that time, she liked to watch TV shows and
    dreamed of becoming one of the heroines.
  19. At the age of 16 she had an abortion, as reported in the songs “Autobiography” and “All Things Go”.
  20. In mid-2013, Nicki bought a pink Lamborghini, which was repainted specifically for her order.
  21. In 2012, she released her first own perfume called “Pink Friday”. Later, a few other kinds of limited-
    edition Pink Friday perfumes were created, but the smell remained the same as the original.

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